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Fidget Cube Prism l government representatives of the people on behalf of worship, all the way to worship at dusk, Xuan Ji only Was sent back to the palace to repair a new bedroom in the bridal chamber. Xuan Ji was the crown to wear clothes fast fade away, although there Ji Ji Shen from time to time to pass some more infuriating, but still much too much, especially at noon to fidget cube prism the palace feast busy woman to come to worship life, simply no What to eat. Back to the bridal chamber, who can not take off the body, but fortunately Ji see Shen did not take long to follow. They sat on the bed, the ladies sent a variety of auspicious meaning of food, you a mouthful of each other to feed me. There are ninety nine kinds of food, although the weight of each are very small, but ninety nine kinds of eating down, almost to Xuanqi stay foaming at the mouth. It is fidget cube on kickstarter almost noon when starved to death almost at night Chengsi Drink the last cup of cross cup wine, Xuanji relieved, and finally get, you can drive people The first woman to bow down, Ji Jian Shen personally removed the head after the heavy crown, and finally see their bride s true colors, dress under the Xuanji as if a delicate and delicate glass to the words of Wan Su Li, went back to see Wan Zhuo side. Wanzhuo face than the white hair on the head but also pale, met with the proud eldest son. Is excited and is ashamed, haggard weakness You are willing to come to see me side, I am willing to be enough. I should have this newspaper, you see in a father and son s sake, the home care of a two. See Wan Su and nodded promised, Wanzhuo also proposed to see the granddaughter Ning months, so the million and to ask Xuanji means. Xuanji is nothing to the so called Look at the meaning of uncle, uncle said to see, I ll see. Well, I ll tell them to pick you up tomorrow, and you ll go out to meet him in the afternoon, he sighed. Uncle is fidget cube wholesale said to have to take the set of the first fidget cube all colors line of the palace ah Good trouble uncle, I am slightly out of service just like the Well. Xuanji cried. Ning month. You are now the queen to the kingdom, especially in Ningjing, your every move represents the country, too casual, and will make you the emperor Duke difficult. He spoiled you in the palace You re the same thing, but outside, you always think about fidget cube prism it for him. Well, okay In these issues, do not expect her uncle will condone her.

he pajamas no trace of half wisp, exquisite curves in the candlelight pearl like soft glow, Ji see Shen feel a light waist. The body of the woman has been kneeling straight body, release the belt on the knot, gently twist waist, the lower body clothing also faded. If not tomorrow will be separated, Xuanji absolutely dare not do such a bold and shameful thing, but fidget cube coupon the big devil in the eyes of the connivance of appreciation, so she greatly increased courage this is her husband, she can do in front of him all things , She is the most beautiful woman in his eyes The crush of fidget cube prism kisses began on the forehead of Kishimoto. Not let off his skin every inch, thin dense, soft as feathers. But each one is deeply imprinted on his heart, so that each of his pores are comfortable expansion sigh. A little bit of flame, from Xuanji kissed the place lit, gathered. Soft fidget cube prism and tender skin close to his body with the kiss fidget cube prism slowly down and wiggling friction, hot He can burn the heat Kiss all the way across his chest, came to his belly, Xuanji raised his head to see the big devil, at the moment the big devil lazy sexy, like a full meal is to enjoy the master stroked the cat. I try to please you.You do not worry about disturbing, you can eat more fun. Xuanji insisted he went to bathe. Said to prepare the gift, let him later back to the room. And went to Zhao Zheng Di muttered I do not know what told, this one locked the door to find the right suitcase to find the right clothing. Ji Jian Shen was blue back to the room when the room and found a few strangers sitting outside the room to see clothing and hand holding the instrument, is clearly seen in the valley to musicians. Blue Xiao fidget cube prism softly The lady asked the master fidget cube pink to come to them. Ji see carefully nodded, pushing the door into the room to see what little turtle gourd sell medicine. You close the door, close your eyes.Music began to open when you can The candle fire swaying room. Xuanji hiding behind the screen propaganda. There are so many rules Ji see Shen vaguely guess Xuanji is to give yourself surprise , he is also very curious Xuanji gift is. So rarely obedient to follow the line. Full of exotic music sounded, Jian Ji Jian Xuan felt the aroma of light came to know that she has come to the front, open eyes immediately Yan Ye Yan and fresh beauty attracted, no longer can not move the line of sight. This is the X.inverse looked at the loyal old men, from his eyes to see the fidget cube for sensory kids faint decisive Yue s defeat has been irreparable, fidget cube shop Zuo Jinsong said this sentence is intended to martyrdom. Yue Yue against the final farewell. Yue inverse nodded, out of the room. Winter was particularly dark early, Yue against the car to leave the left Xiangfu, to the direction of the palace sailed. Kneeling roadside people kneeling, ragged, a thin shadow in the snow seems particularly bleak. Ears, as if to hear the nearby houses in the faint cry out, in the middle of the night listening to, unspeakable uncomfortable. Yue inverse palace first entered the Yihua Palace, the eunuchs have been accustomed to the emperor to visit the emperor, carefully retreated to wait outside the palace. Yihua Palace, like everything on weekdays, the wall was placed Yue Yue Dan Miao Miaoshou painted a portrait of a lady. Beautiful smile in the picture. Eyeliner clear soft with a bit naughty cunning, it is Yue inverse in the Chishengshan seen in Xuanji to appearance. Yue in the hall slowly walking around, gently brushing each kind of Xuanji used objects, and ultimately back to the portrait before hand gently fidget cube prism stroked the human eye. S.

Fidget fidget cube on ebay Cube Prism on the carriage from the new direction to the Chishengshan. Xuanji from beginning to end, on the Ji see Shen still ignored. Ji Jian Shen did not intend to perform in front of subordinates tortoise, to get Xuanji. The car has plenty of time. Last night he did not oppose Xuanji to spend the night in Iraq, the one is do not want to fuel, prompting her fidget cube prism more angry, and secondly, is to avoid their own bed with Xuanji, see more difficult to eat, Xuanji physical strength has not Well, again certainly hurt, he is absolutely reluctant. In fact, Xuanji would like to ask, why only escape. Now go back. White to go this is for what, although she also recognized the most dangerous places the safest. But in accordance with the fidget cube prism habits of the devil, is never doing the extra things. But now asked him to open, weak their own momentum, hum She was not angry yet Let him understand the seriousness of the matter, he will be more unscrupulous to bully her, how can this Ji Jian Shen from the beginning of the car, the eyes did not leave the Xuanji pull the old piece of the little face, and I was wondering what strategy to coax her good. Although he did not coax a woman s experience, but with a long.heart. The wind will be her lichen sleeve dress fluttering dancing, as if the next moment is necessary to fly, just like the day in Chishengshan general just that day she is step by step away from him, but today is to He came. To this day, he has prepared more than a month, no longer allow any accidents. Finally, Xuanji walked two steps in front of him far away, was about to bend over to see Albatron and Luo Yang. But Yue was one hand opened, brought to Ji Zhang outside. Red wing stature flash, falling Luo Yang and Yi Qingyun side, nervous to fidget cube prism explore the Yi Qingyun breath, breathing is just a bit weak, but also according to his pulse of the limbs, confirmed only by some not too heavy Internal trauma, this calm down. Look at Luo Yang, by the injury but also lighter. Two people unconscious. Should be due to acupuncture fidget cube sale and prescription. Heart slightly set, the rise of this has been taken away for some distance Xuanji nodded They are all right. Yue inverse fidget cube prism The rest assured Go After all, fidget cube blue pointing out the Xuanji acupuncture points. One picked up her, a few ups and downs have disappeared. fidget cube prism Red wings from the arms out fidget cube prism of the fireworks, thrown into the air, bright fire in t.

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